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We’re located in Ellwood city, and our X Spurt Rhino linings are hands down the best in Cranberry Township. We are at the forefront when it comes to protection. with over 25 years of high quality service we’ve got the experience, and a professional team of experts to handle any task no matter the size or workload. We do it all, and no body does it better than we do!

Our brand of X Spurt Rhino Linings are known nationwide for our quality, durability, and strength. Our lining can handle anything that you dish out, guaranteed! We don’t just do linings for pick up trucks. We do it all! We can protect any of the following:

Truck Bed Lining
Chip Guards For Trucks/Cars
Lawn Mower Deck Lining
Playground equipment lining
Boat Deck Lining
Safety Equipment
Anti-slip spray
Safety Ramp Spray
Aluminum Ramp Traction
Safety Traction
and much more…

X Spurt Rhino Linings…. Nobody does it better!

We are now serving: Ellwood City, Cranberry Township, Butler, New Castle, Chippewa, Ambridge and it’s surrounding areas